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Caring for your candles and wax melts


Never leave candle unattended.

Keep lit candle away from furniture, clothing, curtains or anything flammable. Be mindful of where your candle is placed. The air from fans or drafts can cause the flame to flicker, spread or go out completely. Be sure to keep candle wick trimmed to at least 1/4 inch above wax for optimal burn. Wax melts are for use in a wax warmer only. Be sure to store unused wax melts in a cool environment to prevent melting.


The website for Love Notes Candle Co. went live Sunday and I jumped on around 6 am to support my friend Chandrika Mackall Mua! I couldnt wait to light this candle that has cinnamon shavings in it! Sweet and Innocent is exactly how it smells. I LOVE candles and the fragrance matters to me. I kept going in the living room just so I could smell that sweet fragrance. And and there was also a surprise candle melt shaped like a beautiful rose sample in my bag. Support


Top-notch customer service, beautiful packaging and the scents are heavenly! Thanks for my surprise! Wishing you much success.


Special delivery from Love Notes Candle Co. and presentation is everything..they hit it on the nose and the aroma coming from this bag is amazing .. Small businesses first impressions is everything., your packaging counts .. I can’t wait to burn this candle at Loveyourvbyt for my ladies atmosphere and aroma is important to me .. ❤️


Thank you so much for the beautiful candles and personal delivery Chandrika Mackall Mua .. Everything smells so good and the packaging is so pretty.


I’m burning Relax Sis again now and it is smelling up my whole house! But even the 12 oz of Indulgence smelled up the whole house. I need to get a few for some stocking stuffers!!! Oh, and the sample of Baecation was on point too! I’ll have to add that to the collection as well.


I love my Sweet & Innocent burner candle. It has my office smelling delicious. I love it!